New Forum Co-Founder, Gene Bodycott

New Forum Co-Founder, Gene Bodycott

For many years, co-founder Gene Bodycott acted as Executive Vice President & Broker-in-Charge of New Forum. He was responsible for master planning and rezoning well-known areas throughout Charlotte, NC & Fort Mill, SC. His extensive commercial and residential real estate experience has contributed to the success of New Forum over the years. While his insight and vision helped set up future growth at New Forum, it is his kindness and warmth that everyone remembers. Whether you were lucky enough to have worked with him in the past or get the pleasure to meet him for the first time at a company event, you walk away feeling better.  Gene was instrumental in setting up the company culture and the importance of relating to residents, tenants & guests. Quarterly, Gene would visit each Ayrsley tenant to thank them for having their office in our community by dropping off strawberries or peaches. He embodies, ‘People doing business with people they like.’

Gene is a fierce broker, loyal co-worker & friend, loving husband, amazing father, a community representative and…someone you just like.  While Gene has stepped out from day-to-day operations, you’ll still find him walking around Ayrsley, attending company meetings & events or dropping by the Corporate Office.

In gratitude, honor of his retirement & celebration, New Forum would like to officially announce, beginning in 2019, every year on April 24 (Gene’s Birthday), the New Forum calendar will officially read Gene Day!

In celebration, New Forum will drop off strawberries to all employees & Ayrsley Tenants on April 24!

Thanks for the memories, Gene! Happy Birthday!